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About US

Our Journey

In 2014 we embarked on our journey to provide those  in need of identity and logo design  services unfiltered access to our wealth of knowledge. It is not only  our goal, but it is our passion to educate others about “good” design.  We are continuously striving towards finding new ways to help our customers define and even redefine the face of their companies. Our main  focus is to create identity design systems that meet and exceed our customer’s  needs. We build our identity systems on a strong foundation of process  driven art and design.

Our Drive

At Lionhearted Studio our logo designs are crafted to fit the mission and vision of your business. We are more than just a great art and design company, we create our identity designs with love, passion and attention to detail. 

Our Inspiration

We gain inspiration from the amazing designers that did it before us. We idolize artists such as Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Paul Rand and Paula Scher. We also look to our environment and things we see and interact with everyday to influence our identity designs and our logo work as well. 


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