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Why Choose Lionhearted Studio?
We don’t just design beautiful things, we design things that solve our client’s problems.
Logo Design
This option is for prospective clients that want to create an image for their company for an affordable investment.
Corporate Identity Package
This option is for prospective clients that want to go above and beyond to craft their professional image. This package includes all the bells and whistles needed to truly differentiate your brand from others in your market.
Offset Printing
As a full service provider we don’t just design your collateral, we can also print and ship it to you anywhere in the United States.
Choose Lionhearted Studio For your Brand Identity Design Needs.
We always have fun creating and solving difficult design problems for our amazing clients!

Good design is a matter of discipline. It starts by looking at the problem and collecting all the available information about it. If you understand the problem, you have the solution. It’s really more about logic than imagination.

Massimo Vignelli
The only design team you’ll ever need .
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Client meeting & project brief
We start with getting to know you and your business. We come up with a project brief from our Initial meeting.
Rough sketches of your concepts.
We do quick and dirty rough sketches to get as many ideas a possible. later, we narrow it down to the best ideas.
revisions and final drafts of concepts.
We present you with the roughs for revisions and once a design is approved we finalize it and send you all the files & products.
Need a graphic designer but don’t want to hire one In-House?
You’re in luck! Lionhearted Studio is available to work on all of your projects for a minimal monthly investment. Check out what we can do!
Social Media Design
Layout Design & Printing
Photo Editing, Retouching & More…
Flexible Pricing that Scales to your needs
We’re designed to grow with you – providing the features and flexibility you need at every stage.
Need more? Let’s get in touch!
Starter plan
For an Individual or small company wanting a more professional image with minimal investment.
Get started
business plan
For larger businesses that want to give a  boost to their brand awareness and marketing efforts.
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